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                   I, Nethraa an architecture student from Chennai worked in Auroville Bamboo centre for four months as an intern to explore Auroville and work with the best sustainable material, Bamboo. I went to Bamboo centre on December 10 ‘ 2018 and the people working there are friendly and helpful.

Auroville Bamboo centre is a great place to learn about Bamboo and while working hands-on together with the technicians we were able to know the pros and cons of Bamboo as well. People should learn about Bamboo which might be the future method of construction. I worked few projects in Bamboo centre in which I gained a great knowledge on Bamboo . I’m happy to say! Now I can make my own Bamboo construction and products . In Auroville, one can not only learn about academics, we also learn other important aspects of life .

Thank you for the team who worked along with me and thank you Bamboo centre for making me a part of your team.