Story of Aurovillle Bamboo Centre

Founded in February 2009, To offer bamboo construction and furniture training workshops for all, to promote the green credentials and the cultivation and usage of bamboo. Bamboo Centre Auroville as a pioneer in the creative development of sustainable bamboo products, the Bamboo Centre is committed to generate awareness of environmentally sustainable applications of bamboo through research and education. Employing people from local villages around Auroville, The organisation strives to support and revitalise the community in which it is located while serving both domestic and global markets that demand high-quality, eco-friendly bamboo merchandise. Through these initiatives, the Bamboo centre aims to advance the vitality of the planet and it’s people

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Bamboo centre is to promote uses of bamboo.
It is our conviction that the time for a bamboo revolution has come, and that
Auroville, an international intentional community in India dedicated to endless
education is a perfect place to help this revolution