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Internship & Volunteer

We love hosting student volunteers for internships in our Bamboo Centre in Auroville. The Bamboo Research Centre supports students who want to study the many possibilities and applications of bamboo. We offer access to a range of workshops, a wealth of knowledge and an extensive network.

  • Interior Design / Furniture Design
  • Architecture (BA/MA)
  • Permaculture Design / Forestry
  • And More!

If it wasn’t for all the volunteers & interns we had, we would not be where we are today.Some have built with us and let us tap into their knowledge of architecture (thanks Biryani!), some have made awesome advertising materials (thanks, Kala!), some have thaught us how to write emails (thanks, Sri Matt!), some have mapped the artisans and small scale industries of the villages around us (thanks, Marie!). Some have made designs that we are producing today (again, thanks Kala!).

What do you intend to share with us?

At the moment we are looking specifically for volunteers and interns that want to tackle some of the problems below. If you field of interest is not represented, DON’T PANIC. Write us an email and tell us what is on your mind, chances are that we have never known that we need what you think about.

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    Staying in Auroville

    If you would like to stay with us longer than 2 months, you will need to contact SAVI.

    About SAVI:
    “Savi” (Tamil word for “the key”) is Auroville’s volunteers gateway. They are amazing and can help you along with many questions you may have about Auroville. They help you deal with official stuff (like volunteering visas to India) and getting registered here as a volunteer.

    Go to SAVI’s website ( for all the information you need!