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Auroville bamboo centre

Brief description of our Beema Bamboo Project:

Beema Bamboo is a tissue cultured plant that has been developed by Dr. Bharathi at GROW MORE BIOTECHNOLOGY LTD.,HOSUR

It has some very special features viz. has no thorns,very small hole in the centre thus much more weight per metre compared to normal bamboo and does not flower which in case of normal bamboo indicates death of the plant and in addition each plant when fully grown from 3rd.year onward generates over 300 kg.of oxygen every year,that is sufficient for one person for a whole year and absorbs 400 to 420 kg. of Carbon dioxide from atmosphere per year

Beema Bamboo

The one and a half acre was decided into 3 equal plots of half acre each identified as A,B and C.

Plot A

Plot A was designated as a high density plot with 500 plants and regular irrigation @8 litre per plant four times a week with regular quarterly input of biofertilizers including vermicompost,oil cakes and farmyard manure.

Plot B

Plot B received 200 plants but of 0ne year growth instead of 6 month old plants as in A and C. This plot replicates irrigation as and when necessary and nutrients as A.

Plot C

Plot C has also 200 plants and receives irrigation 3 times a week with nutrient protocol the same as A and B.
For insect infestation, we are using Raw Tobacco boiled water as and when necessary.

During the first year of plantation regular data was collected on growth as suggested by GROW MORE BIOTECH.

First harvest is expected by end 2021 when the yield from each plot will be determined and detailed analysis will be worked out on various aspects to determine suitable models for future plantations in Auroville and bio region based on water,nutrient and financial possibilities for those who may want to take up Bheema Bamboo plantation other than those who have the resources for maximum growth with protocol provided by GROW MORE BIOTECH.