Bamboo Tree House Workshop


The Bamboo Tree House workshop is a 4 day immersive learning experience that offers the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of bamboo construction and Poured earth concrete, while engaging in a unique self-inquiry in the company of an international team of mentors. The workshop takes place in Auroville, a dynamic international community committed to sustainable living, radical experimentation and personal development.


The Bamboo Tree House workshop is perfect for Environmentalist, Green Practitioners, House Builders  and anyone who wants to gain skills and hands-on experience working with bamboo and tree house technique, one of the most eco-friendly building materials, while also exploring various aspects of sustainable living. It is for anyone who is concerned about building a more environmentally sustainable world. (e.g. engineers, architects, technicians, supervisors and students ).

An essential aspect of building a more sustainable world is the quality of the consciousness we bring to it.  Our outer environment – whether built or natural – reflects the state of our inner awareness. 


The Bamboo Tree House workshop will take place over 4 days, covering full day intensive sessions offered daily from 9 AM to 5 PM.  The sessions are offered according to two areas of focus, as follows:


Bamboo is an eco-friendly natural resource known for its rapid growth. As a core component of the workshop, participants will gain the basic knowledge, skills and practice needed for bamboo construction, as well as technologies that use bamboo in combination with other materials.  Sessions include:

  • Theory and practice of working with bamboo
  • Treating bamboo against insects
  • Bamboo carpentry: bending, cutting, joineries, split and weave bamboo
  • Bamboo construction

After learning basic skills in bamboo technology, participants will help in making a bamboo structure and learn the know-how of building construction in the native tree. 


A Natural building need not be a permanent habitat . A building shall decompose along with the natural environment cycle . The idea of regenerative architecture comes from the primeval concepts in making tree houses. The Primeval communities used tree as natural columns and inhabited with in the life cycle of the tree . The average life span of a tree house which is constructed by using treated bamboo is 10 years. In this way the branches of the tree becomes the natural platform for making housing unit. After 10 years the habitat degrades with the climate cycle and natural eco-system. The left-over materials from the existing habitat could be reused to recreate another structure on the tree . Regenerative architecture could be also termed as bio-degradable architecture which means build and rebuild from the existing. In this way we can preserve the existing trees from deforestation..


  • To understand the physical character of the tree
  • To find out whether tree is a habitable
  • Find the possibilities of creating different platforms of habitat on a tree
  • Integrate the indigenous techniques within a rural, urban of a semi urban space
  • Working out the possibility for using tree as Natural column
  • Work out different special functions inside a tree foliage
  • To remain within the ecosystem
  • Discover a community and dwellings within the Nature

Things to bring for the workshop, (Optional)

  • Loose and comfortable clothes for Site Work;
  • Air Mask;
  • Ear plugs;
  • A Cap;
  • Eye Protective Goggles;
  • A Book and a Pen
  • Tarch light


Programme Rate: Rs. 9500 * Includes:

  • Lunch for 4 days ( vegetarian meals)
  • Raw materials
  • Refreshments twice a day
  • Stationaries
  • Certificate of attendance
  1. Terms: 50% deposit of workshop fee required on booking with balance payable prior to commencement of workshop.
  2. Cancellation: Up to 2 weeks before workshop commencement we retain 25% of total fee due.From 2 days to workshop commencement we retain the 50% total fee.
  3. Notes: All booking communication is completed in writing by email.
  4. Auroville has a strict no alcohol or drugs policy. Anyone disregarding these rules will be requested to leave the community immediately and no refunds will apply.



Jun 05 - 08 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


₹ 12,000.00
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