Bamboo Yurt Workshop


The Bamboo Yurt Workshop is a 3 days immersive learning experience that offers the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of bamboo yurt while engaging in a unique self-inquiry in the company of an international team of mentors. The workshop takes place in Auroville, a dynamic international community committed to sustainable living, radical experimentation and personal development.

Tradition and innovation these are the two pillars within which Bamboo Yurt workshop’s creative pendulum strives to swing. Following the practice of ancient Mongolian yurts, participants of Bamboo Yurt workshop, a build and design course in Bamboo centre, will create a bamboo yurt whose walls can be collapsed and deployed in an instant.

The yurt’s frame is made from bamboo. It is pre-assembled on the ground and parametrically designed. By increasing the spacings between each intersection, the structure’s partition is given a slight inclination, creating a beautiful profile. Triangulation is introduced through a round wheel at the top of a reciprocal hyperbolic roof, and a rope interlaced at the junction of the partition and the roof. The wall frame opens freely until it reaches a tensile state. Variations of its length allow for adaptation of the yurt’s profile.

Being made out of bamboo, the structure is both light and economical. Once retracted, it easily fits into a shipping container. Could it be the ideal solution for temporary shelter victims of natural disasters in tropical regions? While the range of practical applications of such modular structures is endless, so are the opportunities that bamboo’s versatility offers us. Join Bamboo Yurt workshop  to learn how to design and build with this extraordinary sustainable material.


Bamboo Yurt workshop Build & Design courses are immersive educational experiences in the heart of Bamboo Centre, Auroville. The program provides students with a foundation in bamboo construction to inform their work as designers, architects, engineers, developers, entrepreneurs, and environmental advocates.


The Bamboo Yurt workshop will take place over 2 days, covering full day intensive sessions offered daily from 9 AM to 5 PM.  The sessions are offered as follows:

  • Theory and practice of working with bamboo
  • Harvesting bamboo and working in a bamboo forest
  • Treating bamboo against insects
  • Bamboo carpentry: bending, cutting, joineries, split and weave bamboo
  • Bamboo construction

Things to bring for the workshop, (Optional)

  • Loose and comfortable clothes for Site Work;
  • Air Mask;
  • Ear plugs;
  • A Cap;
  • Eye Protective Goggles;
  • A Book and a Pen
  • Tarch light


Programme Rate: 4700 Rs. * Includes:

  • All lunch for 2 days (vegetarian meals a day)
  • Construction workshop
  • Training Materials
  • Refreshment twice a day
  • Certificate of attendance
  1. Terms: 50% deposit of workshop fee required on booking with balance payable prior to commencement of workshop.
  2. Cancellation: Up to 2 weeks before workshop commencement we retain 25% of total fee due.
  3. From 2 days to workshop commencement we retain the 50% total fee.
  4. Notes: All booking communication is completed in writing by email.
  5. Auroville has a strict no alcohol or drugs policy. Anyone disregarding these rules will be requested to leave the community immediately and no refunds will apply.
  6. Transportation  Motorbikes can be rented at an extra cost


May 10 - 11 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


₹ 7,000.00


Auroville Bamboo centre
Bamboo Centre


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