Shri Sanjay Kumar, Deputy Director General, National Bamboo Mission visits Auroville Bamboo Centre

Auroville Bamboo Centre was happy to host a quick visit of Shri Sanjay Kumar, Deputy Director General of the National Bamboo Mission on Thursday 26th of March 2015.

Mr. Kumar and his delegation enjoyed a late lunch at Bamboo Centre and got a quick introduction to Auroville by Balu, Yuval and Dhanya, followed by a tour around campus. He was astonished about the bamboo price-level in the south as well as the labour costs, which drives prices of bamboo construction in the area. On the flip-side this provides a valuable chance of income to bamboo farmers, which there are still only few of in Tamil Nadu.

The Directors visit was completed by a presentation on the development of Auroville Bamboo Centre itself to understand it’s background and the mission we’re on.

The Bamboo Centre team was delighted to get in contact with the National Bamboo Mission and hopes to continue cooperation with institutions on district, state and national levels.

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