Boom Box Ver 2.0 – Taijasa

The name of this product is Multi-Use Boom Box. For short you can call it M.U.B Box.  At first, valentine gave us a paper to design a new version of Boom Box. And finally I got an idea. So the next day I started to use treated bamboo to make my design.  And in the middle of the week I had the idea to add phone stand in this model. So I told Valentine about my new idea, at first he was confused, but later onward he understood my idea. For making this model I used hammer, saw, drilling machine, chisel, jute rope, color stainer, sanding paper, grinding machine, glue, and vanish.

 Doing the model was very difficult it took me 5 days to finish. Most of the bamboo center workers helped me to do this model. I was very pleased to work with these workers. I want thank valentine for buying the color stainer for this model. He guided till the end of the work.

I made this model cause it’s easy to take this model anywhere and can use it to listen music or watch videos. This model is a prototype for Bamboo center.


Day 1
Introduction to bamboo: Multimedia Presentation & Live introduction to different plants that grow on-site Bamboo Centre
Day 2
Hands-on: discover cutting techniques & make your first joints.
Day 3
Theory: Pareto’s 80/20 principle in Architecture
Practice: Draw some space
Hands-on: Bamboo Finishing & more joints.

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