Shalini – YOUTH HUT

I,  Shalini, an architecture  doing Internship
at Auroville Bamboo Centre, Auroville.




With increasing population and the necessity to provide living space for all, the Youth Hut is the perfect solution for accommodating the young citizens. Occupying 12 sq. m area, the hut is built with bamboo and can lodge a single person. Bamboo being one of the most treasured and abundant assets of the country, housing can be provided to sectors of society at a low cost and more sustainable way. And when properly maintained, the houses can last up to 10 years or more than that. 

Raised 500mm from groundlevel, the structure is supported on bamboo rafters and poles.The roof

is one single skelton defined on four sides with bamboo arches. The walls are constructed of wattle and daub and the flooring is done with coconut wood planks.

Elevated ear-like-structures on four sides along with semi-open walls, regulate airflow and brings in light. The roofing is done in 3 layers: bamboo mat, tarpauln and green mesh. Metal cans filled with cement provides strong foundation for the structure.


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