Auroville Bamboo Summer Camp

We're happy to announce that this year we're hosting our first Auroville Bamboo Summer Camp at Bamboo Centre. The course will include an in-dept introduction to the building techniques with bamboo and an on-site construction project that we will prepare in co-operation with you.

Shri Sanjay Kumar, Deputy Director General, National Bamboo Mission visits Auroville Bamboo Centre

Auroville Bamboo Centre was happy to host a quick visit of Shri Sanjay Kumar, Deputy Director General of the National Bamboo Mission on Thursday 26th of March 2015.
Mr. Kumar and his delegation enjoyed a late […]

About Bamboo Centre

Auroville Bamboo Research Centre was founded in 2009 to bring awareness of the many applications of bamboo to the people in the Auroville community and to the villages in the Auroville bioregion.
To fulfill it’s mission, Auroville Bamboo Centre conducts workshops and seminars for students, artisans, farmers, professionals and any other persons interested in bamboo products, construction and design.

Research & Development

Apart from its awareness program and workshops, the Auroville Bamboo Centre is also involved in research and development in terms of new bamboo products and finding sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to housing needs, interior and furniture design and household products by incorporating bamboo and it’s derivatives.
Auroville Bamboo Research Centre supports students who want to study bamboo more extensively, by hosting them as interns and volunteers and providing access to it’s workshops, knowledge and network.

Bamboo Reseach Farm

Bamboo Centre is currently developing it’s new project dedicated to the efficient and effective farming of bamboo in the local climate of the tropical dry evergreen forest (TDEF). Ideally with intercropping of fruits and vegetables this model farm shall serve as an alternative in cash crop farming with environmentally friendly properties.

A social enterprise

Bamboo Centre is run as a socially responsible enterprise, providing work opportunities to school drop-outs and women from the rural surrounding of Auroville. We strive to empower our staff through learning skills that are useful around bamboo craft as well as life in general. We are particularly proud of our two head carpenters, who by now regularly teach college students during our hands-on workshops.